MacKenzies Bread - 1 (1280x961)
1614 ADS 53209 flat

European Style Artisan Breads Baked Fresh Right Here in Kalamazoo!

Artisan breads are just that—breads hand-crafted by skilled bakers. We have been doing this for three generations. We bake delicious favorites like Oatmeal, Whole Wheat and Honey Grain. Over the years tastes have changed and our product line has changed as well. Our most popular breads are Crispy Italian; a light and airy loaf with a thin crust, and Scottish Struan; dense and slightly sweet, this bread is made with brown rice and buttermilk. Both loaves are great for sandwiches or toasting.

In 1997 we purchased a deck oven from Italy. This oven is specially designed to produce a crispy crust. All of our hearth breads are baked in this oven, if you stop by our Harrison St. location in the early morning you can see the baker loading and unloading this oven—it is quite a sight!

Gluten Free Bread

Gluten Free Bread is available by special order,  minimum order 6 loaves.  Please note that our bakery is not a gluten free facility.


Each day our baking menu changes to allow for the wide variety of breads baked. Click here for our daily baking menu.

Our Monthly Features include breads like Cranberry Oat Pecan, Bleu Cheese Walnut, and Pretzel Bread. Check our home page for this month’s feature breads. Click here for our Monthly Features .

None of our breads have preservatives or dough conditioners; if you will be keeping bread for more than a couple of days, put the remainder in the refrigerator or freezer. Click here for bread storage information.