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General Manager

Jill Younger began her career at MacKenzie's Bakery in 2000 at the retail counter learning the importance of taking care of customers. A natural leader and problem solver, Jill progressed to her current role as Production Manager, where she successfully leads her team of bakers. 


In her two decades helping to grow this Kalamazoo-based company, Jill has welcomed a community of regulars and new customers through the doors to enjoy the consistency and tradition that is MacKenzie's. Now she is thrilled to continue the Mackenzies legacy in the Village of Vicksburg where she will welcome a brand-new community of bakery enthusiasts.


Head Baker

Cris Najar is a skilled baker with a passion for incorporating art into pastry-making. He started his career in the culinary industry, working at a variety of restaurants in his hometown of Chicago before making the switch to baking—a practice he fell in love with. Cris began his career at MacKenzie's Bakery in 2009 as a bench worker and he quickly expanded his skillset to eventually become Head Baker. 


Excited for the adventures to come with the new Mackenzies Bakery in Vicksburg, Cris is thrilled to return to the kitchen and continue his tradition of serving specialty breads. It’s there that he puts his artistry into practice with intricate designs and flavors. As Mackenzies Bakery settles into Downtown Vicksburg, Cris looks forward to sharing his creations with a new group of baked-good lovers.

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